WebNow and new Java 1.7.51

Oracle has recently released a new version of Java (1.7.51) which is incompatible with WebNow.  As this update was pushed out to end users, some of you may have already updated to this version.  If so, you can add a security exception for the Webnow site using the Java Control Panel.  Follow the steps below.
  1.  lick the start button (in a Windows7 or XP install)
  2.  Select the "All Programs" menu item from the start menu
  3.  elect the Java folder in the main menu ... when you click the Java folder you will see several program choices in the menu.
  4.  Select the "Configure Java" option ... this will bring up the Java Control Panel.
  5.  Select the "Security" tab ... this tab will show you your current exception site list (which will probably be empty), but will also provide a button labeled "Edit Site List"
  6.  Click on this button to get to an edit page
  7.  Click the "add" button on that page to get a new entry frame
  8.  Fill in that entry frame with the WebNow URL:  https://sm-prd.umasscs.net/webnow/
  9.  Click on the "OK" button on this page and back your way out of the menus. 

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