WebNow and new Java 1.7.51

Oracle has recently released a new version of Java (1.7.51) which is incompatible with WebNow.  As this update was pushed out to end users, some of you may have already updated to this version.  If so, you can add a security exception for the Webnow site using the Java Control Panel.  Follow the steps below.
  1.  lick the start button (in a Windows7 or XP install)
  2.  Select the "All Programs" menu item from the start menu
  3.  elect the Java folder in the main menu ... when you click the Java folder you will see several program choices in the menu.
  4.  Select the "Configure Java" option ... this will bring up the Java Control Panel.
  5.  Select the "Security" tab ... this tab will show you your current exception site list (which will probably be empty), but will also provide a button labeled "Edit Site List"
  6.  Click on this button to get to an edit page
  7.  Click the "add" button on that page to get a new entry frame
  8.  Fill in that entry frame with the WebNow URL:  https://sm-prd.umasscs.net/webnow/
  9.  Click on the "OK" button on this page and back your way out of the menus. 
The Document Imaging team is pleased to announce that Perceptive Software has at long last provided a means by which UML is able to include a URL link in its notification emails.  As of today, recipients of the WebNow notification emails will now be able to simply click on the link embedded in the email in order to be brought directly to the documents within document imaging.  Once the document is accessed, all navigation, annotation and approval processes remain the same.

The Document Imaging team is pleased to announce that as of August 1, 2013, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has successfully implemented Image Now Document Imaging.  As of today, all applications, along with their supporting application materials, will be automatically uploaded into the Image Now database.  This technology will streamline the application workflow and improve efficiency for the life of an application.  Image Now is a green, cost effective solution that will allow for faster turnaround, improved customer service, and improved archiving for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 


The DI team gratefully acknowledges the Admissions and UITS staff whose significant, year-long efforts and teamwork were vital to the success of this implementation.

Effective at 7am today users will see a change in how they login to WebNow.  The user name and credentials are the same, but it will now also require the campus location.  This Secure Access login should be familiar to all users as it is same one used for HR Direct, iSiS, and e*mpac Financials.


Several users have reported issues with printing documents from WebNow and we have identified the issue as an incompatibility between the WebNow application and the latest version of Java (Version 7).  Perceptive Software has issued a statement acknowledging the issue and may soon be relasing patches to correct the issue.  Until such time as the patches can be created and loaded to the UML system, the resolution is to downgrade your Java version to version 6.  Should you need assistance in downgrading your Java version, please contact the UML helpdesk at ext. 4357 (HELP)

Thank you for your understanding.


UPDATE FEB. 1, 2013:

Downgrading to Java 6 is only an option for PC users.  Mac users must be on the most recent version of Java.   Mac users will not be able to print with WebNow.

Update to Exchange Email Services


On wednesday, October 5th, IT will be performing routine maintenance on the Email Exchange Services between the hours of 4:00AM and 7:00AM.  During these hours, there will be no access to WebNow and ImageNow as both utilize the Exchange Access Protocol.

Effective 9/12/2011, the Document Imaging team has enhanced the Email notification system such that Coordinators will now be notified whenever an Application (or supporting document) is added to one of thier Ready for Review queues.  Email notifications will now reflect activity to either the Applied and Processing or the Ready for Review queues relating to each Plan/Subplan. 

Inresponse to requests from our users, we have provided all Committee Members with access to the Applied and Processing queues for their plans.  When logging on, Committee Members will now see both the Applied and Processing and the Ready for Review queues.  This will allow them to be able to review the incomplete applications as well as the complete applications.  Though this view is the same as that of the Coordinators, only the Coordinators maintain the ability to sign Profile Sheets and to route the Applications back to Grad Admissions.

To complete our transition to the new datacenter, the DI databases will be moving to their new home. During this move all users will be unable to login or use the system.

Friday 2/18/2011 9:00 PM – Sunday 2/20/2011 4:00 AM

As part of the ongoing Shrewsbury datacenter move, the Document Imaging servers are scheduled to move to their new home on February 1st.

The move is scheduled for 02/01/2011 8:00PM – 02/02/2011 5:00AM.

During this move all users will be unable to login or use the system.

The new award-winning “green” datacenter will help us reduce our environmental impact and result in long-term cost savings as well as increased uptime for our IT systems.

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