Robert Manning's graduation speech

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This past weekend, UMass Lowell held Commencement for the class of 2011. This event was absolutely amazing. There was excitement in the air as students, staff, and family took their seats inside of the Tsongas Center.

Although all of the speakers were incredible, one of the speakers stood out to me the most. Robert Manning is a COM Alumni, and is currently the CEO for Boston-based MFS Investments. Mr. Manning spoke about how he rose to the top, and he also spoke of how to become a success out in the real world.

Below is the video of his speech. I suggest watching it, because he makes a lot of great suggestions to students and graduates. (In my opinion, his most helpful point was that about expecting the unexpected.)

Robert and Donna Manning have recently invested $5,000,000 to the upcoming Robert Manning School of Business here at UMass Lowell. 

The College Of Management is the place to be!

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